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5-9th September
about Cheap coffee, free haircuts, and political banter... Political Cutz is a comfortable space for political conversation and engagement (without the polls). when: Tuesday 5 - Saturday 9 September, 
10:00am – 4:00pm 
(Plus late night Thursday til 6pm) where: The Public Trust Building, 131-135, 
Lambton Quay
 (Thanks Urban Dream Brokerage!) Whether you're a political junky, an apathetic everyday kiwi, or a directionless concerned citizen, there's some things we can hopefully all agree on; free things are good things, 
and better communication builds 
better communities. Political Cutz is here to provide YOU,
 THE PUBLIC with a free funky friendly space to meet, connect, chill, chat, and update your 'do. Yo... See More
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